Appeals Filed

  • Case management denials
  • Medicaid denials
  • RAC, CERT and MIC audits
  • Medicare appeals
  • Medical necessity denials
  • Denial management
  • Underpayment recoveries
  • Authorization
  • ERISA appeals
  • Commercial & Blue Cross
  • Workers’ compensation

Our Areas of Expertise

At HLS, we specialize in resolving third-party payer denials and underpayments so that hospitals can be reimbursed for the patient care they provide. We handle denials from all different hospital departments, including Patient Access, Case
Management, Compliance and Auditing, Contracting, and Revenue Cycle. For each department we work with, we have customized appeal solutions to address the denials they face, yielding additional revenue that would otherwise remain uncollected.

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Denial Management


Cash Flow Acceleration


Write-off Review


Audit Defense


Payer Relations

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Process Improvement