HLS differs from our competitors by concentrating on maximizing returns for our clients above all else. We are results-driven and consistently outperform competing agencies, law firms, and physician adviser companies.

Our experience teaches us that clients look for value beyond legal expertise. Legal service is but one ingredient to achieving a hospital’s collections goals. That is why we have assembled a group that includes lawyers as well as clinical, technical, and business experts. This multi-talented team works together to ensure that all projects achieve maximum profitability. That is the HLS difference.

HLS was founded in 2002 with a mission to discover new alternatives to maximize collections for hospitals using legal means. While the industry is replete with physician advisers, consultants, and attorneys all promising to collect on providers’ accounts, we have discovered that these recovery companies are leaving millions of dollars uncollected because they are unable to go all the way to get the accounts paid.

At HLS, we take great pride and responsibility in our work. We fully work every account outsourced to us; not just the “easier” accounts, but also the complex accounts and accounts with low balances.

We succeed based on the following values:

Authentic interactions: We accept only one way to conduct business—maintaining open, straightforward communications and demanding fair, honest actions.

Competence:  We hire competent, intelligent, creative professionals so that we can provide high-quality, high-value services in a distinctive and innovative fashion.

Collaborative work style: Since collaboration produces the best results, we work as a team by sharing knowledge and diverse viewpoints with one another and with clients.

Dedication: We are dedicated to our clients’ business interests and we bring intense effort and passion to representing those interests, yielding unmatched collection results that set us apart from any competitor.

Discipline: We are disciplined in working each and every outsourced account until it is paid or until appeal rights are exhausted.

Ethical foundation: Our experience at work is inspired and guided by opportunities to help and strengthen relationships between clients and their payers.

Exceptional performance: We seek to be the best in all we do.

Innovation: We innovate and stay abreast of legal and healthcare IT, developing our own automation and scraping technology to save on operational costs.

Strategic vision: We see opportunities for reimbursement where some may only see accounts that need to be written off. Our employees have the ability to imagine and implement opportunities for additional collections.

Understanding: We understand our clients and we are sensitive to their concerns and objectives.

Learn more about how HLS makes a different/case-studies/ce for hospitals by reading our case studies.