Healthcare Legal Solutions, LLC (“HLS”) is an innovative collections law firm that maximizes third party recoveries for health systems and institutional healthcare providers. HLS specializes exclusively in billing, compliance, and recoveries issues for healthcare providers. HLS supplements healthcare providers’ in-house case management, contracts, compliance, and patient financial services departments in their billing and recovery efforts.

Our attorneys concentrate in healthcare reimbursement statutes, regulations, case law, contract interpretation, and enforcement, as well as business processes that affect hospital finances. HLS submits legal appeals through the payers’ administrative grievance process and follows with arbitration or litigation when necessary.

HLS is a firm dedicated to healthcare provider recoveries. With all the regulatory changes and turmoil in the healthcare industry, providers are struggling to keep their budgets in balance. Additionally, providers must adapt and survive in a rapidly changing industry environment of service integration and data centralization. To ease these burdens, we help providers find additional collections opportunities in their unbilled and written-off accounts. HLS’ expertise and skill are unparalleled in the industry. With superior resources in the nation’s capital, HLS has access to and employs the best attorneys and professionals in the field. After intensive training, our professionals achieve collections that other agencies and firms deem impossible. In many cases, our clients have been reimbursed on accounts that had been written-off up to three years before placement. Our results surpass collectivity standards of the industry.

HLS has developed proprietary and custom programs which allow us to work efficiently on behalf of our clients. We use an award-winning case and document management system which enables us to manage a high volume of claims while providing detailed attention to every individual account. We connect remotely our clients’ IT systems, providing an uninterrupted and seamless extension of their facilities. We also provide revenue analysis through data mining. Our commitment and mission is to provide unparalleled collections for our clients.

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