Elijah began his career at HLS as a paralegal, immediately following his graduation in May 2022. When the opportunity arose, he slowly transitioned into a dual role, that incorporated SQL/Java program development/maintenance into his day-to-day legal work. As demand for greater program automation increased, Elijah took on a full-time position as our IT Department Manager. In this role, he coordinates with development vendors to create automated programs, develops pseudocode to promote faster program implementation, and supervises numerous mission critical applications, that regulate efficient workflow and productivity. Aside from his individual responsibilities, Elijah works closely with our IT development team, consisting of data analysts, program developers, product managers, and system administrators, to ensure HLS continues to improve efficiency and competitive advantage in our growing market. 

Before joining the team at HLS, Elijah worked as a legal apprentice for Glissan & Associates (Sutherland, NSW) and paralegal assistant at Markowitz Love LLC (Arlington, VA). In these roles, he was able to conduct background case research for practicing attorneys, confer with clients to gather/track case information, and draft reports/motions presented in court. Additionally, Elijah has worked as a systems analyst at EUCC (Glenview, IL), where he coordinated with a team of developers to create programs/processes that met user requirements by performing system analysis and database design.