Ars is a Claims Work Supervisors at HLS since 2021. He ensures that all operations at the firm—online and in-person—run smoothly and that the firm is ready for any new challenge. Ars’ specialties include training and supervising new attorneys, registered nurses, medical doctors, and paralegals, overseeing administrative duties at the firm, making hiring decisions, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and legislation, and lastly, updating clients on firm progress. In fact, Ars loves interacting with HLS’ clients and keeps them abreast with new developments, goals, and payer updates. This client-facing role uniquely positions Ars to handle day-to-day issues that clients may be facing along with long-term projects that they may assign. All of the above allows Ars to have an intimate understanding of each client’s relation with specific payers, which boosts dollars in the door for all hospitals.

Ars has dual degrees from the University of Rochester: a BS in Computational Biology and a BA in Psychology.

Outside HLS, Ars enjoys running 5K every day, reading, and drinking espresso.